The Law Offices of Ira Weiss is
nationally acclaimed for leading
the way to excellence in municipal
and educational law. The firm’s
targeted legal services are ranked
among the best in the nation
and its lawyers are relied upon as
experts in the educational and tax
sectors. Known for excellence,
the firm is also highly respected
for winning landmark rulings. Its
lawyers serve as solicitors, special
counsel and tax attorneys representing
public entities across the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Led by prominent Attorney Ira
Weiss, the firm’s award-winning
team assures continually changing
legal requirements are in order
for municipal entities and school

We Don’t Just Practice Law,
We Make History!

The Law Offices of Ira Weiss’
Strategic “Property Reassessment Solution” Package…

Our unique, solutions oriented product will provide you with the assurance you need while navigating through a property reassessment.
We’ll be your partner from the start, offering the expertise and support needed to stay on track and avoid costly errors.
Our package consists of seven primary components:
The Law Offices of Ira Weiss’
Strategic “Property Reassessment Solution” Package…

1. The Vendor RFP – The entire process begins with the creation
of a vendor RFP; and, we’ll take care of that task for you. Our
team will write the RFP and all you’ll have to do is advertise.
It’s that simple.

2. Comprehensive Communications – For the property reassessment
to run smoothly, you’ll need to quickly get all necessary
parties educated and on board. Our plan calls for an outreach
to local government officials, tax assessors, real estate agents
and the public. We’ll provide all the tools you’ll need to accomplish
this necessary element.

3. Vendor Evaluation – We’ll efficiently guide you through
vendor responses helping determine who’s in compliance with
your property reassessment requirements.

4. Vendor Contract Development – Our legal team will ensure
that an “iron clad” contract is in place before you begin your
property reassessment process.

5. Appeals Preparation – Appeals are a “given” in a property reassessment;
however, the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming
or chaotic. We’ve been there and know what works and
what doesn’t. Let our experience work to your advantage.

6. Ongoing Training – Perhaps one of the most important components
of our package is ensuring that before the reassessment is
complete, your staff is well trained to face future reassessments
on their own. We’ll help you secure this important training
before your vendor completes his work.

7. Ongoing Support – We’re always simply a call away for legal or
technical advice as you move forward.


It’s only a matter of time before you’re faced with a county-wide property reassessment. And, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed when facing the process.

However, The Law Offices of Ira Weiss are available to not only assist you, but “partner” with you throughout the entire reassessment from start to finish…and thereafter.

With our strategic “Property Reassessment Solution” package, you’ll benefit on a multitude of levels.

You’ll gain valuable legal expertise from a firm nationally recognized for its broad knowledge of municipal law; avoid potential time consuming process errors from our team’s first-hand property reassessment experience; engage and educate all necessary parties through a comprehensive communications program; create an effective and efficient appeals process; and ensure that appropriate training is in place for local staff to conduct future reassessments.

And, to further ensure that our “Property Reassessment Solution” package is foolproof, we’ve brought a veteran of the property reassessment process on board, Dominick Gambino. Mr. Gambino has been instrumental in several Allegheny County property reassessments and has managed well over 100,000 appeals.




Attorney Weiss is a nationally
known public sector
legal authority with acrossthe-
board experience in
education and tax law. His
distinguished legal career
culminates in three decades of success
stories for many of Pennsylvania’s large
public sector entities. His experience
includes serving as Allegheny County
Solicitor from 1992 to 1995 and its
deputy solicitor between 1981 and 1992.
In 2008, Mr. Weiss was named “the best
of the best” for the fifth consecutive year
as a Super Lawyer by Law & Politics and
Philadelphia Magazine. The status ranks
his career talent in the top five percent of
the 45,000 attorneys practicing in Pennsylvania.
In June 2009, Mr. Weiss and
his firm won a state-wide victory after successfully
challenging the constitutionality
of an inherently flawed base-year system
used to determine real estate taxes in
Allegheny County. The ruling has implications
on systems used for determining
property values across Pennsylvania. The
case represents the first breakthrough in
a 37-year struggle between elected officials
and property owners to create fairness in
an assessment system for determining
property tax values.



Attorney Burkardt is an
award-winning lawyer who
has been an Associate with
The Law Offices of Ira Weiss
since 2000. Her legal experience
is across-the-board in
municipal and tax law. She concentrates
in high-profile tax collection matters, zoning
hearings, litigation involving business
privilege and mercantile taxes, and tax assessment
appeals for school districts and
commercial and industrial clients. Ms.
Burkardt currently serves as solicitor for
municipalities, school districts and zoning
boards across the Commonwealth.
As a public sector legal authority, she is
respected for outspoken testimony on
controversial legislative initiatives on
behalf of professional associations and
public sector clients. Ms. Burkardt is a
2006 Super Lawyer Rising Star, an honor
bestowed by Law & Politics on only 2.5
percent of the more than 45,000 attorneys
practicing in Pennsylvania.



Mr. Gambino is a Certified
PA Evaluator and the
founder/owner of “Diversified
Municipal Services,
Inc.” – a firm providing a variety
of services and products
related to local taxation and property
assessment. He also served as Manager
of the Office of Property Assessments
in Allegheny County from 2001 – 2003.
In 2002, his department conducted its
first in-house computer assisted mass appraisal;
and, the following year, his office
facilitated the conversion of 1.8 billion
bits of property data to the county’s
present system. Under his guidance,
Allegheny County’s real estate Web site
was enhanced to include an interactive
GIS mapping system and a sophisticated
search engine allowing the complex queries
of assessment data. During his time
at the county, over 100,000 assessment
appeals were completed. Mr. Gambino
also prepared special reports and audits
for the Allegheny County Controller’s
Office. Over the years, he’s served in
several elected positions including local
councilman and tax collector; he’s also
held a variety of local and state-wide
board positions.

The Law Offices of Ira Weiss’...

Strategic “Property Reassessment Solution”


Our package is the right solution if you’re...

• Beginning a county-wide property


• Seeking expert support and guidance

throughout the process

• In need of specialized legal advice

• Wanting to stay on track and avoid time

consuming, costly errors

• Looking to educate your residents and

other key groups

• Interested in creating a seamless

appeals process

• Looking to ensure that key staff are trained

for future reassessments

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