Diversified Municipal Services


We understand the assessment landscape better than anyone.

About DMS

Property tax data is extremely valuable. It can assist in the collection of Earned Income Tax, Business Privilege Tax, as well as Municipal Service Fees and in addition, can be useful for property owners to ensure that the proper assessed value is assigned to their property.
Diversified Municipal Services (DMS) is in the business of analyzing property information to better serve our clients.

Local property taxes represent the main revenue source for Allegheny County taxing authorities.

Local budget constraints make it difficult to oversee or monitor the volume of changes, from assessment appeal results to new construction, that can affect the original certified assessed
value of your jurisdiction.

DMS is in the business of assisting in the maintenance and analysis of property assessment data, including the monitoring and projection of tax appeal results, following the progress of adding new construction to the tax blotter, and reviewing “administrative change” adjustments.
In essence, DMS can coordinate the activity between you and your tax collector, building inspector and the county, to ensure proper and timely additions to your tax base and manage your Interim Assessment Program.

Our client services encompass the preparation of studies helpful in understanding the current local housing market or track the changes in your tax base, in addition to managing property tax
appeal programs.

DMS has a long history of assisting counties conduct county-wide reassessment programs. Our
on alert customer services is always available for general consultation on assessment and tax related issues.


Diversified Municipal Services

We understand the assessment landscape better than anyone